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Matrix-tennant-proofCTracy Tennant was serving as Relief Society president* in her local ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she discovered the alarming truth. She found that behind the Mormon Church’s squeaky-clean public image was a history that revealed evidences that the organization is not what it claims to be.

Come take a journey from Kolob to Calvary, as Tracy is faced with the difficult decision to leave Mormonism for a Biblical faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


What others are saying about the book:

In her book Mormonism, the Matrix, and Me, Tracy Tennant details an inspiring account of God’s amazing love and power, as well as His willingness to free those in bondage to error.  Her story testifies to God’s power to move heaven and earth, if necessary, to open the eyes of anyone desiring the truth. This book gives hope to all who have loved ones trapped in false religion.

This book is a compelling “tell-it-all” story that we can identify with, having also once believed that Mormonism was true, and were immersed in it with all our hearts and souls. After Tracy discovered solid historical evidence against Joseph Smith and teachings of the Mormon Church, she faced heartbreaking betrayal and rejection from her former Mormon friends and loved ones. However, knowing and understanding the real Jesus of the Bible brought security and comfort to her heart. (John 14:6).

Rauni & Dennis Higley, H.I.S. (He Is Savior) Ministries International


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Mormonism, The Matrix, and Me: My Journey from Kolob to Calvary


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*Relief Society: LDS women’s ministry leader. The highest position a woman can have in a ward
Ward: In the LDS Church, a ward is a congregation, determined by geographical boundaries, of roughly 200 to 400 members who meet at a prescribed time for services
Kolob: According to Mormon doctrine, God dwells on a world near a star named Kolob, with his wife (or wives), and countless “spirit children” who are born on this earth to obtain mortal bodies


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