Sneak Peek


Table of Contents listed below. Click on chapter headings with bold font.






Chapter 1        Zion, Here I Come!

Chapter 2        Competing for a Husband

Chapter 3        Hidden Treasure

Chapter 4        Preparing for the Temple

Chapter 5        Motorcycle Mama

Chapter 6        Petunias and Pepper Spray

Chapter 7        The Three Nephites and Faith-promoting Rumors

Chapter 8        Preparing for the Last Days

Chapter 9        Ain’t Misbehavin’

Chapter 10     Motherhood and Mayhem

Chapter 11     High Speed Chase

Chapter 12     Raising Teens, Pulling Teeth, and Pole Dancing

Chapter 13     Those Pesky Born-Again Christians

Chapter 14     From PR Man to Prophet

Chapter 15     Like an Outsider Looking In

Chapter 16     Had My Cake and Wore it Too

Chapter 17     From Frumpy to Fabulous (with a little help from Oprah)

Chapter 18     Return of the “Other Woman”

Chapter 19     The Truth Unfolds

Chapter 20     Taking off the Blinders

Chapter 21     You Can’t Fire me; I Quit!

Chapter 22     Family Survival

Chapter 23     No Middle Ground

Chapter 24     Courting Disaster

Chapter 25     Every Silver Lining has a Cloud

Chapter 26     Tying up Loose Ends


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