From PR Man to Prophet


Chapter 14


Bruce Green, our friend and director of Bluth Chorale, got the TV out of the church library and rolled it on its cart into the chapel where we were rehearsing. We were all so excited. The “stand” (area up behind the podium where all the choir seats are) was buzzing with chatter and anticipation as we waited for “60 Minutes” to come on. All voices fell to a hush as the rare interview, airing April 1996, with Church President Gordon B. Hinckley started. We wondered what the prophet would tell the world.

He began by telling about Joseph Smith, and how God and Jesus appeared to him in the woods near his home when he was 14 years old. Correspondent Mike Wallace asked President Hinckley about the “very strict health code” (known to us as the Word of Wisdom), clarifying, “No alcohol, no tobacco, no coffee, no tea, not even caffeinated soft drinks…,” to which the prophet responded, “That’s right.” Scott and I looked at each other from the tenor and alto sections and nodded.

Ha! We were vindicated…



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